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Congress Office

Valladolid - Oficina de congresosIn 2001, the Agreement to Promote Tourism, ‘Take a look at Valladolid’, set up the Congress Office.  Since then Valladolid capital has become one of the most important venues for national congresses.  A venue which, over the past twelve years, has undergone a big change and which is now considered one of the cleanest and safest.

Valladolid has numerous meeting places which can provide facilities for from 25 up to 1800 people in a single room.  The average for conferences is between 300 and 600 participants.  In total, there are more than 50 congresses every year in Valladolid, held in places such as the Miguel Delibes Auditorium, the Congress Centre in the Trade Fair Centre, the Conde Ansúrez Palace in the University and at other special venues.  As well as this, the number of modern hotels in the capital, providing for more than 7,000 visitors, means that visitors can be accommodated in good quality hotels that are reasonably priced.

For conventions where companies or related companies meet anually to get together, there are special places of cultural interest such as the Science Museum or the Patio Herreriano Museum, the Calderón Theatre, the  Filipinos Cloisters or the Nuestra Señora de Prado Monastery. Participants at these events usually take part in group activities, which include wine tasting or leisure time in the city.

Along the same lines, there are seminars, day conferences during which participants can have tapas and get a little taste of a renewed Valladolid’s wines and food.  Also, doing some of the tourist routes, coming into contact with the local culture and sampling the city’s busy nightlife brings participants into contact with local life and, in many cases, creates a desire to return in order to get to know the city better.