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Culture, Commerce and Tourism

Promoting a city’s image is an essential factor which influences, to a great extent, the capacity to attract both people and investment. Valladolid is a city which offers a very high quality lifestyle and this makes it an attractive place to live. This helps it to attract investment and economic activity. Besides, Valladolid is a city with a lot to offer its visitors: there is always something to see, always food and wines to try, always something to surprise and there is always a wide range of varied cultural activities.

Promotion of culture

The promotion of culture in Valladolid makes it stand out as a city and has a positive effect on leisure and quality of life. It is a an important factor for development in every respect, including the economic aspect.

It includes theatre, music, cinema, art, dance, heritage and cultural tourism, all of which help transmit a positive image of the city as a cultured and welcoming place both for visitors and those who live there. It is on a par with other European cities in respect of its great potential.

The Municipal Plan for Cultural Infrastructure plans to create a cultural centre and also the Centre for Communication and Language, thus helping to promote Valladolid as a Language city, organizing programmes aimed mainly at foreign universities who will send students to study Spanish in accordance with agreements and with public and private involvement.

Cultural internationalization

Valladolid town council plans to develop European programmes, including major events (such as the International Cinema Festival SEMINCI) and the regular cultural programmes in conjunction with other cities, regions and countries, thus enriching the city’s culture and allowing local groups and companies to operate further afield.

In 2008, Valladolid Town Council programmed the following International events:

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Commerce, Hotels and Catering and Tourism

Commerce, hotels and catering and tourism form a very important sector of the city’s economy. The objective is, on the one hand, to make the commercial sector more competitive, emphasizing modernity and proximity. On the other hand, we aim to make the hotel and catering sector more attractive to outsiders by putting an emphasis on quality and prestige and, finally, we aim to develop Valladolid’s tourist potential by putting an emphasis on gastronomy and culture.

In 2008 Valladolid Town Council programmed the following international events:

  • Pingüinos (motorcycle rally)
  • IV Valladolid National Competition and II International Tapa Gathering 20 October – 22 October
  • INTUR. International Fair of Spanish Tourism 27 November – 30 November