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Education, Sports and Citizen Participation


There are many and diverse forms of education, able to unite people from all over the world. In this time of globalization, Valladolid is actively working to make education a means of development and dialogue, rather than confrontation between different cultures. Improvement in education is an essential part of the citizens’ quality of life. Training of all people, of all ages, is fundamental for social cohesion and well-being.

Both the Centre for Educational Programmes and the Libraries Centre are aware of the expectations that their work and initiatives have created in children, young people and adults who have benefited from them. Each academic year Valladolid refines and implements more and more "a la carte" training strategies which meet citizens’ needs.

New technology in computing and communication provides educational opportunity and a tool to help achieve a fairer, more educated and more cohesive society.

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Valladolid is noted for its passion for sport, this is true at all levels and in all types of sporting activities, even the least well-known.

The support given by the Town Council to the elite sports clubs is vital for the city’s publicity. Valladolid hosts national and international sports competitions. It is very important to have teams and sports men and women in the highest categories of their sport. It is important from an economic point of view and also for the city’s identity and image.

Valladolid Town Hall has planned the following international events for 2008:

  • XX International City of Valladolid Cross 3 February.
  • International Boxing Tournament 11-17 May.
  • I Pádel Pro Tour. City of Valladolid International Padel Tournament 4-11 June.
  • World Volleyball League 21-22 June.
  • Spanish Cycle Tour 18 and 19 September.
  • VI International Cycle-Cross Trophy 6 December.

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Citizens' Participation

This plans the extension and improvement of projects carried out in local centres, which includes municipal services: civic centre, centre for senior citizens, etc. These centres provide a meeting place where neighbours can get to know each other; they also have innovative programmes in which citizens can participate.