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Project co-financed by the European Union.

Project carried out by Council for Citizen Participation.

FONDO EUROPEO DE DESARROLLO REGIONALFEDER is co-financing the construction of a civic centre in Parque Alameda, through the Local Operative Programme and the Ministry of Public Administration (MAP), through State Economic Cooperation for investment by Local Entities.

The cost of the project is 2,831.817,25 €, of which FEDER subsidises 333,056 € and MAP  238,464 €.

Centro CívicoLThe area to the south of Valladolid traditionally was not densely populated, however it has expanded very rapidly in recent years and the forecast is that it will continue to expand over the coming years.  Nevertheless, this rapid growth has only been urban growth, there has not been a corresponding growth of services.

This area has no municipal civic centre providing direct assistance or leisure and training facilities for local residents.

Centro CívicoBuilding this centre will meet the aforementioned needs and is in line with Valladolid Town Council’s commitment to provide the south of Valladolid   (Covaresa, Parque Alameda, Cañada de Puenteduero, Las Villas-Valparaíso, etc.), with a civic centre.

This centre will provide all the usual facilities that civic centres provide and, in addition, it will have a Centre for Social Action (CEAS).

The centre will have 2 floors and a basement and the main access will be from Armuña street.

The work has progressed well and at the present time all that remains to be done is to finish the wood work, install the seats in the theatre and carry out the planting work outside.