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Cámara de Comercio - ValladolidIn an increasingly internationalized and globalizad free market economy, movements of human and financial resources are ever greater and more dynamic.  This means that a city’s, or any geographical area’s, economy is the result of many factors and influences, from local to international.

Exporta tus productosThis by no means implies that a city has no control over the development of its economy, on the contrary, the level of economic development will be whatever its social and economic, public and private agents are able to achieve.  On the other hand, one has to be aware that the role played at the present time by the public administration is mainly instrumental, aiming to create frameworks and promote initiatives that favour development and make it possible.

Through this website we wish to promote the valuable work carried out by the Valladolid Chamber of Commerce and Industry, supporting the exportation and internationalization of companies in Valladolid,  and the work of ADE Agency in our Autonomous Community.

To this end, on 5 November 2008, Valladolid Town Council and the Valladolid Chamber of Commerce and Industry signed an Agreement to work together to promote the city’s economic growth.