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Florencia, Italy

Florencia - ItaliaOn January 24th 2007, the cities of Valladolid and Florence expressed a desire to tighten the bond of friendship between them and to get to know each other better.

With this intention in mind, both cities expressed their desire to increase relations within a framework of cooperation which will develop the areas of urban planning, the environment, social welfare, education, culture, language, economic development and cooperation in business, food and wine, sport, commercial exchange, tourism and anything else of mutual interest.

There are many reasons why these two cities should combine forces. Apart from certain common socio-political characteristics, it is under the monarchy of the House of Austria when Valladolid and Florence tighten their bonds of friendship. The city of the Medici kept up an excellent relationship with some of the Spanish monarchs. For example, it was Charles V who reinstated the Florentine Duchy to the Medici in 1530. A consequence of these good relations was that in 1535, Cosme I of Medici, Great Duke of Florence, married a young Spanish Lady, Dña. Leonor Álvarez de Toledo y Pimentel-Osorio. Two monarchs who were very closely linked to Valladolid, Philip II and Philip III, were also important in the history of the Florentine Duchy. In fact the Convent of the Decalzas Reales in Valladolid still has in its possession a valuable picture collection by Florentine artists, owned by Dña. Margarita de Austria, wife of Philip III which was sent by Cosme II of Medici.