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Iberian-American Organization for Intermunicipal Cooperation - OICI

Aims and Activities

  1. To contribute to development, strengthening and autonomy of townships.
  2. To defend democracy at a local level.
  3. To promote the effective incorporation of local administrations in the process of developing their respective countries.

  1. To act as a centre for information, thus stimulating and exchanging studies, ideas, experience and technical help.
  2. To promote mutual understanding, cooperation and a neighbourly spirit among the municipal governments of the member countries.
  3. To encourage the setting up of national and international institutes of municipal administration and training in the techniques of government and administration in the said subject.
  4. To foment the most direct participation of the community in the affairs of local life and to promote a greater democratisation in the organisation and working of the Local Administrations.
  5. To offer technical assistance on the subject of municipal government to the members of the Organisation.
  6. To promote the organisation of National Associations of Townships and Technical Associations in the area of municipalities in the member countries.
  7. To periodically hold national and international congresses, conferences and seminars on municipal topics.
  8. To promote the corresponding mechanisms so that all Latin American countries can form part of the OICI.