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Looking Abroad

Valladolid Town Council General Networks

Valladolid forms part of a series of networks of international, European, national and regional cities which are making an effort to give a new dimension to the process of integration of its citizens, being at the same time cosmopolitan.

The growing interdependence and economic expansion experienced recently by large cities, has made it necessary for them to create alliances and develop relationships.

It was in the middle of the 1980s when these networks were first developed and started to take shape territorially on a national, European and international scale, growing and becoming a prerequisite for medium-sized and large cities that wished to become more strategic and competitive.

The city networks are a useful tool of international solidarity and are a relevant tool in world politics.

Valladolid is a member of the following general city networks, whose aim is to give local authorities a voice and work in favour of city autonomy and self-government. Most of these networks have sub-networks, working groups and sector or thematic commissions, in accordance with the objectives of each one.