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Morelia, Mexico

Morelia - MéxicoOn July 15th 1978, at the Plenary meeting of Valladolid City Corporation there was unanimous and vigorous agreement to the twinning of Valladolid and Morelia, México.

The Mexican city was founded with the name of Valladolid on May 18th 1541 by the first Viceroy of New Spain and continued under that name until September 12th 1812 when it received its present name in honour of Generalísimo Don José María Morelos y Pavón.

In an article on the visit of a delegation from the City Corporation to Morelia in El Norte de Castilla dated September 16th 1978, Mr Manuel Vidal, Mayor of  Valladolid, said that “it would have been a mistake to not accept the invitation extended by Morelia to attend the twinning ceremony. The State of Michoacán, of which Morelia is the Capital, offers immense opportunities for Spanish Industry and Commerce. With a little skill, it will be possible to transcend purely sentimental reasons and obtain economic agreements which will greatly benefit Spain and in particular, Valladolid.” Morelia received Valladolid on the 150th anniversary of the changing of its name.

On July 17th 2008, Valladolid received a visit from the Municipal President of Morelia, Lic. Fausto Vallejo Figueroa. Both he and the Mayor of Valladolid, Excmo. Francisco Javier León de la Riva, ratified the twinning on the thirtieth anniversary of its signing. This served to express the desire of both townships to strengthen and increase relations within a framework of cooperation which will be developed in the areas of urban planning, the environment, social welfare, education, culture, language, economic development and cooperation in business, food and wine, sports, commercial exchange, tourism and anything else of mutual interest.

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