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Social Welfare, Employment and Family

Valladolid solidarity

Collaboration among town councils and the exchange of  good practice contribute to the creation of common values which promote tolerance, understanding and friendship.

Historically, the city has been one of the main foundations of democracy and nowadays promotes the rights of citizens and the fight against intolerance, discrimination and exclusion.

Solidarity manifests itself in preventing and solving problems of social disadvantage and aims to strengthen social cohesion and find new ways of promoting development.

The following play a vital role in this:

  • Municipal Plan for Equal Opportunities
  • Municipal Plan for the integration of the immigrant population
  • Municipal Programmes for cooperation and volunteers

Valladolid is committed to improving the standard of living of its residents.  Social cohesion and the well-being of all its citizens, their work and the importance of the family as a social unit are priorities of the city’s government.   This commitment is demonstrated by carrying out policies aimed at different sectors of the population at risk of exclusion: women, young people, immigrants, senior citizens, etc.

And it is also committed to the values of peace and solidarity with the rest of the world.  This is why Valladolid Town Council is part of the following international networks:


From an economic point of view, the city of Valladolid and its metropolis have their own characteristics which are the starting point for the design of strategic policies in respect of economy and employment.

One essential aspect of this area is people, given that, above infrastructures and materials, the human factor is the main element of economic development.  People develop their potential through training and become a vital factor in competitiveness.

The aim is to increase employment and reduce unemployment down to mere technical levels, strengthening social cohesion and integration.  This is why relative measures in respect of supply and demand are being considered in order to promote access to quality employment for everyone and fight against discrimination and social exclusion. There is a strong emphasis on training and the increase of a qualified workforce in order to generate employment.
Valladolid Youth Zone

This service, provided by the Town Council, is in the south of Valladolid and has a ciber room, an auditorium and a recording studio as well as other rooms and services, including concerts by international groups.