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Solidarity Valladolid

Valladolid SolidariaThe huge inequalities which exist in the world makes active and committed solidarity in the form of action towards less favoured peoples an absolute must. Valladolid is committed to the values of peace and solidarity with all the peoples of the world.

For this reason, the Service of Social Care has been offering, since 1966, grants to non profit making organisations and to NGOs with the idea of setting up projects of cooperation for development, awareness raising and education and to carry projects of humanitarian aid.

Apart from aid in natural disasters and other emergencies which require humanitarian aid, the Valladolid City Corporation has always supported cooperation for development as a political tool in favour of the reinforcement and the independence of local organisations with relation to state governments. It has always been in favour of the creation of financing options from international organisms in order to solve urban problems. In the global world in which we live, it is of vital importance to strengthen the role of local government and foment home grown solutions and also to strengthen the multilateral system of government which in particular is representative of the United Nations.

The conditions of the convocations to obtain these different types of aid are available in the offices of the Service of Social Care and the web page of the Valladolid City Corporation. Once presented, they will also be published in the international website.