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Sustainable Development, Advanced Technologies and Territorial Coordination

Sustainable Development

The environment and health with the unfortunate predominance of pollution are high on the Town Council’s agenda.  This is why the development of Local Agenda 21 orientated towards 2016 is a key project.  Valladolid has a firm commitment to becoming a sustainable city.  Both the Town Council and the civil society have reached an agreement that this city should respect the environment and this is outlined in Agenda 21.

Agenda 21 shows the municipal commitment to fighting climate change, specifically by reducing the impact on the environment and including environmental considerations in public contracts.  Innovative experiments are also being carried out to develop ecological awareness and to preserve and improve the environment by promoting sustainable behaviour in all daily activities.

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Advanced Technology

There is also a plan to establish high quality telecommunication infrastructures at reasonable prices, which will connect homes, companies, markets, technology and research centres, production services and related activities. At the same time there is a training and educational plan to develop “infostructures”, helping citizens, companies and institutions use and exploit the aforementioned infrastuctures.

The Plan "Valladolid: Society of Knowledge" aims to consolidate Valladolid’s incorporation into the Society of Knowledge, in collaboration with universities and in a strategic alliance with large national and international companies in order to bring science closer to industry.

Territorial Coordination

Establishing a stable political and legal framework of collaboration between Valladolid and the metropolitan municipalities is a key way to solve problems and maximize opportunities which arise.

Definitively the aim is that metropolitan Valladolid should be an organized, coordinated and integrated territory in respect of urbanism, infrastructures and the Management of public services for its citizens. The study of Bordeaux and its Area or Urban Community provides a model of structure and urban government of interest to Valladolid.