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Town-twining and Friendship Agreements

Twinning and collaboration are extremely useful tools. They are instruments of mutual learning and not only at a European level. They teach us that many urban problems are common to any city in the world and so it is very useful to find out about and exchange ideas on other management styles. In this way, the cities participate in international relations by promoting dialogue and harmonious development by means of cooperation and communication between the local entities of different countries.

Valladolid is presently twinned with:

Twinning however, is not the only way to establish collaborative links between municipalities. Relations between cities can also arise from real challenges which require research which takes us beyond our borders. This is a reference to those projects up and running abroad and which we can learn from and vice versa. The results are specific and temporary proposals of bilateral collaboration which can result in Friendship Protocols arising from specific needs which do not fit in the long term framework of twinships.

Valladolid has signed Friendship Protocols with: