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URB ACTThe SIMPLUM project: Sustainable Integrated Models for Planning Urban Mobility is coordinated by Lárnaca Town Council (Cyprus). In addition to the coordinator and Valladolid Town Council, the following are also members of this project:

  • Ioannina Town Council (Greece).
  • Mirandela Town Council (Portugal).
  • Sacele Town Council (Rumania).

The SIMPLUM project is concerned with the important questions of urban planning, designing and carrying out urban policies and measures in respect of mobility in order to ensure:

  1. Maximum integration within urban development.
  2. A careful and integrated evaluation of the many existing criteria.
  3. Promotion of sustainable urban practice in respect of mobility.
  4. Efficient citizen partcipation in the process.

The process will identify, design and pilot a model of urban planning in respect of mobility integrated in the process of urban development.  These models will be carried out in selected run-down areas in the participating cities.

The project will be carried out in two phases: in the first, the models will be defined and created and in the second they will be put into practice.