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Virtual Valladolid

Valladolid VirtualIn order to celebrate the centenary of Valladolid Town Hall, ‘Virtual Valladolid’ was presented on 3 July 2008.

This is a tridimensional representation of the city which, using the Second Life platform, offers its virtual visitors a tour of Valladolid’s main square, inside the Town Hall and other sites under the street arches which give information about the SEMINCI (International Cinema Festival), Holy Week, the Tourist Resource Centre, 010, an exhibition hall and the Centenary offices among other places, all of which are recreated in a very realistic and precise way.

In order to access Virtual Valladolid, you have to be registered with Second Life, which is the platform which recreates the city in 3D.

Valladolid Town Council has nothing at all to do with any area that does not belong to Virtual Valladolid itself.

Access is for those already registered with Second Life or those who  enter for the first time.  The latter can download the programme free of charge by clicking on the middle link.